Thursday, 27 November 2014

day 1

Monster day one Date Monster Hello let me introduce myself, I am the first monster here, so it’s only polite. My name is Ounce. I am very pleased to be your first monster. I Ounce would also like to be much more to you Oh yes it is your lucky day, you are a lucky lady. I understand that you have been single for sometime. But har har the wait is over FOR you, lucky thing. I the great Ounce, would like to escort you on a date, which I don’t mind that you will pay, as you see I have to ask for contribution towards my time. You can tell by my cloths I am a scientist, but not a mad one MUHUHUHUH….. Well not yet, however unless you pull out all the stops for this date, I might become one. What’s that you say? I am too short. I’m not short just vertically challenged MUHUHUHUH…. Go on give kiss me mmmw, mmmw, Come on girl pucker up. No! Going to wait for the monster tomorrow Well good luck! please cut and paste this link to heart my monsters thank you


  1. very cute. Love monster stories.

    1. thank you, i plan to do one hundred, pls vote for me here, and i will do more.