Saturday, 13 December 2014

day 15 snail monster

Was she stalking me? Was she stalking me? The snail was clearly a she, wasn’t she? I looked around at the soft silky tail that the snail had left behind it. I stopped and glared at it. The snail stopped also. An awkward minute passed ere we glared at each other, before I walked off, quicker this time. I did not look back, a mean how fast can a snail walk anyhow? Plus do snails even walk? No they slither along on a line of slime. Yuk, who would want to be a snail not me! Oh now I have guilt, so I stop and stand still and turn on the spot. And there, there is the snail. What time of monster is this? I say that out loud as the snail has now grown in size to be as big as a cat! Golly and gosh. Glaring back at the snail, I quicken my pace. Passed the post box, the red telephone box and the old church yard, faster and faster I run. Then I pause for a bit to look back over my shoulder. And there, THERE! Behind me is the snail, but now it’s the size of a car. A car I say! Yes really. Its long pink and purple eye lashes flustering in the summer breeze. No, I shout, go away stop following me. And turn and run as fast as I can. Although it’s hard going as I had reached the bottom of the hill and as not as young as I used to be, no, and maybe a bit over weight to if I am honest. Anyway, I make it up the hill and then stop to catch my breath, but there it is again, but this time as big as a house. Yes that’s right, a house I say. It was a snail with a pink shell as big as a house. I can hardly believe it myself. So I ran down the hill and over to the lake, and stood staring into the water dreading the site of the refection that could creep up behind me at any point. And I was not alarmed when it did, there in the water next to my refection was the snail who was as large as a sky scrapper now. As I stood still I looked at are reflections, we were the same in every way. Except she was a girl snail and I a boy snail. Guess that’s it for me then now, as I have heard that when a snail monster choices a mate, there is no escape. So I guess she was stalking me?

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