Wednesday, 24 December 2014

new monster

I used the following words in the story from @storybandit challenge. I had to look them all up as they were new words to me apart from castoffs and I hope I have used them in the right context. castoffs, unilateral, evince, equerry, malcontents Castoffs monster, is little and furry but he has a huge brain which he uses to telepathically transmit messages to you. Other than that the castoffs monster, really needs no introduction. I think as woman we are preprogramed from birth to try and make use and dare I say it, try and fit into any castoff’s that are family and friends no longer want. The castoffs monster is different to the hoarder monster who can take over your life completely. No this monster is more of a friend. She whispers into your ear, ‘you could use that, you need it, grab it!’ And then you are filled with a brief sense of wellbeing while you evince your new find off to your partner or cat if you have one. This is a unilateral or one sided joy, after all the cat does not care for your latest cast off, other than it will inevitably end up on the pile and she can sit on it and sunbath in the warmth of the window. My castoff monster leads me often to a large grand house where there works a kind equerry who is the squire of stables. The equerry has a range of horse type castoffs, most notably manure, which I need for my prize roses. Free to collect! However I was met by malcontents when I wheeled it home as it was a bit pongy. Everyone loves roses tho, and their castoff monster the end.

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