Monday, 15 December 2014

morel story

Along the coastlines of a faraway land lives a monster mosquito who lived in an old stone tomb called a cairn. The monster would sleep all day in the shade of the cairn, but in the blackness of the night, he rose from his slumber to strike fear into the villagers who lived along the coastline. All the villages would hide inside their houses at night and board up the windows. Apart from one very old sailor who had the audacious to walk around when the monster mosquito was in biting mode. The mosquito saw the old sailor and jumped on him, biting him hard in the neck and sucking his blood. However the old sailor did not die, he just got up and staggered about, however the monster keeled over and dropped dead, as the alcohol in the old sailor’s blood was too much for him. So the morel of this story is, always stay safe at home when large mosquitos are about or if you have to go out send an old sailor out as bate first. The end.

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