Saturday, 20 December 2014

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The fridge Monster Oh I know what you’re thinking, you don’t have a monster living in your fridge. But I can tell you that you have, it just that you perhaps are not magic like I am so you cannot see him. Perhaps you have noticed that you milk goes down a bit, or maybe there is less cheese that you thought you have? Hum yes? I have made friends with my monster, I even know his name. The name of my fridge monster is Henry. Henry likes party food best, pink fluffy icing on birthday cakes is to him the food of Gods. Henry some time ago snuck out of my fridge and made a party hat for himself out of old streamers. As you can see from the image I drew of him he stands twisted with one big furry paw and one which is now just a hook. He has only lived in my fridge for five years, but he tells me his very old. He lived in other fridges before, but I have been then only person to have ever been able to see him. He would not tell me how he lost his paw. But I’m guessing it’s in some fridge related accident. I told Henry that he does not need to live in the fridge, he was welcome to join my family and watch the TV with us. I tempted him out with cake and the promise to watch the super bowl with all the superstars like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Henry tried it for a day, and then he began to complain he was to hot and feign his death from overheating. So I scooped him up and lay him back in the fridge on the shelf between a mullet, perch. And he soon recovered again.

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