Sunday, 21 December 2014

day 22

Monster 22 GANZORIG was a Mongolian eagle hunter in the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia GANZORIG in Mongolian Means "steel courage" and he was named well, as he had proved to be a great explorer. He and his eagle called OTGONBAYAR, hunted high into the hills, tracking many new routes into unknown territory. Hunter and eagle hunted as one, and no game was out of reach to them. One day when GANZORIG was trading his fur pelts, he heard of a great Monster who lived in a cave to the north of his village. He called OTGONBAYAR to his gloved hand and the pair travel many days until they reached the mouth of the cave. Standing before it GANZORIG called the monster from his sleep with the intention of slaying it. The Monster a blue and green dragon, crawled out of the cave, and stood up on his two strong legs, he spoke softly to the man and his bird. My name is BAT-ERDENE and I mean you no harm. GANZORIG new the Mongolian name BAT-ERDENE meant strong jewel and was shocked that the monster did not appear to be the demon he was told. So as a mark of respect he set up camp and he and OTGONBAYAR stayed and guarded the dragon and it is said that that is where they remain to this day.

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