Saturday, 6 December 2014

Monster day 12 cont.;

The mating dance of the kindred spirt monster This is a site to see and as most of you will never get the chance to see it, I shall describe in all its glory’s splendour here. This is the mating dance of the kindred spirt monster. As you can see this monster is brightly coloured in this drawing I have made for you. Unlike most monsters and animals for that matter. When the kindred spirt monsters are ready to mate both the male and the female are brightly coloured. This is the female depicted here. If you were lucky enough to see the courtship dance you would she that she Flails her beautiful fragile wings. She thrashes them about, while the male whirls and flaps about her. However this is not the happy event it appears to be for on lookers, both monsters are sombre serious and cheerless as they dance about each other. This is because of the ceremonies its self, the act of love making of exchanging rites and sacraments. Also in the turmoil that commences in the love making part of ritual, fur and feathers can fly at quite an alarming rate. So you see love does not come easy.

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